Holy Expo is an art gallery that organizes exhibitions in places that are considered suitable for style and evocative power.

On the site people will be able to purchase works of art certified by publications, catalogs and critics by choosing between fine arts, fine arts limited edition or originals.

Luca Torzolini, director of the gallery, is an innovator in the field of publishing, art business and film production / distribution. After having founded Holy Eye magazine (and before the magazine Re-volver), he directed many documentaries about internationally renowned personalities in the field of art, philosophy and science. To this day, he has established bridges of cultural exchange between Italy-China and Italy-America and he is creating the basis for a diffusion of culture and artworks without borders.

Imovers/RS organization is a reality operating in the field of services such as trasport and stand construction.

It collaborates with Holy Expo by delivering fine arts and original artworks directly to the final client, with customized options of transport and reinstallation of the artwork in a desired place.

It employs over 50 skilled workers in the field of construction and fitting as well as handling and transport.

The fleet of IMovers has over 20 vehicles between vans, trucks with swap bodies and semi-trailers. Vehicles equipped with hydraulic shafts and heavy loads for the transport of bulky volumes, in addition to the more modern and sophisticated systems for handling and lifting heavy and / or delicate volumes.


Graficainmente is a company leader in the field of graphic design and digital print for important events such as exhibitions, meetings, fairs, stands.

It prints fine arts and fine arts limited edition for Holy Expo with the utmost care in order to reproduce faithfully the images of the artists required by the clients. It uses the best printing supports and materials according to ecological standards for the protection of the environment.

The company combines the mastery of craftsmanship with the quality guaranteed by the sophisticated machinery at its disposal to offer a wider and more advanced service. Latex printing technology (LATEX) is certified HP eco-solutions, ie it does not release toxic substances and is family-friendly, and is made on flexible media such as airtex (paper), paper and adhesive vinyl.