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Cover Illustrator, comic book artist, fantasy painter.
Since 2007 illustrates some books of the series “La Porta Magica” and “Avalon” for Galaad Edizioni.
He worked for the clothing company Scorpion Bay for which he created the comic book “Bandido Escorpion- Zero Killed”.
Early 2009, comic stories of his heroine Zuna debut in issues #100 and #119 of the historic magazine X Comics (Coniglio Editore).
He realized “Calavera: Zoran” for the book “Calavera Apocrypha” (EF Edizioni) and for the American magazine “Bloke’s Tomb Of Horror # 7” (Virus Comix). He accomplished “Djustine: Devil’s Whorehouse” for the book “Adios, Djustine” (EF Edizioni).
He collaborates with the comic book writer Dennis Mallonee for HEROIC PUBLISHING, drawing “League of Champions” and several covers for the Californian publisher.
With Dennis Mallonee, he created JAY-NA The Jungle Queen which debuted in “League of Champions #15”.
For Heroic Publishing, he wrote and illustrated the origins of the Jungle Queen in the graphic novel “JAY-NA: NUMBELAN”.
His art, conceived to the classic, fantasy and mythology, is appreciated and published worldwide.