Jacopo Fo (born in Rome on March 31st, 1955) is an author, a cartoonist as well as a Italian Regisseur.

Son of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, Jacopo began his career at the age of eighteen as cartoonist and sketcher for highly qualified and specialised underground magazines and in 1979 he co-founded a weekly satirical magazine called “Il Male”.

Since then he has cooperated with many other newsmagazines an weeklies such as “Linus”, “L’Espresso”, “Zut”, “Tango”, “Cuore”, “Re Nudo”, “King” and one of Italy’s leading newspapers “Il Corriere della Sera”.
In 1991 he started off with an absolutely new project called “La Libera Università di Alcatraz”, an agrotourism or farm holiday structure in the heart of the Umbria Region. The agrotourism itself provides excellent, extremely high-quality organic food catering. It is completely surrounded by 300 hectares of woods and the “Farm University” organizes and supplies courses and seminars at various levels. Courses generally concentrate on wellness, well-being, and formation/information regarding environment and energy saving techniques (http://www.alcatraz.it).
Jacopo has also succeeded in building a centre for the development and distribution of eco-techologies, that is, technologies which respect the natural environment. The 2009 restructuring and renovation of the entire ecological village/farm has reduced up to 90% of its energy costs. Jacopo Fo is also building an entire solar eco-village in the proximity of Alcatraz itself.
He has always been extremely aware of social conditions in his surroundings and has carried out many a “battle” in the name of solidarity and equal rights. His blog is visited daily by thousands of people (http://.www.jacopofo.com).
In these past few years Jacopo has also dedicated himself to writing, acting and film-making. Amongst the most successful of his pieces we can find “Zen and the art of making love” (Zen e l’arte di fare l’amore) along with “Socks on my night table – I love you but I can’t find them” (Calzini sul comò – ti amo ma non li trovo) where he covers and rehearses concepts concerning love in all its shades and tones; from relationship problems to sexuality.
Jacopo has written a number of essays and novels successfully published some of Italy’s most famous book-publishers.
He is married to Eleonora Albanese, has two daughters and a niece.
Jacopo lives and works in Umbria.