Denis Bachetti writes, observes, investigates art matter. Through painting, drawing and engraving he gets to a form of art mainly based on the development of the unwanted and accidental piece of art; a non-voluntary painting technique whose qualities are mostly conceived through non-artistic activities.
He longs for solving typical artistic matters -balance, movement, shape, space, harmony- through the proposition of works which are devoid of their author’s intellective prerogatives by the time that they are conceived.
He currently uses oil colors on wide-surfaced canvas -usually 190×160 or 110×80 cm.
He tends towards instances that are likely to be attained as smooth, lyrically abstract through a fluid and at the meantime abrupt painting, mainly focused on calm, melliflous rather than on vivid tonal characterizations.

1992 High School Diplome at the Technical Experimental Institute “Mazzocchi” Ascoli Piceno, Italy
2000 graduation in Languages and Modern Foreign Literatures, Bologna University, Italy
2004 Master’s degree in Conservation and management of Artistic and Cultural Assets, Siena University, Italy
2009 Collective exhibition held by the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco – Auckland, California, USA-
2009 Solo exhibition at ‘Il Modulo Gallery’ , Francavilla al mare – CH- Italy
2012 Collective exhibition Biennale di Venezia, Italian pavillon, Turin, Italy
2016 Solo exhibition at ‘ Society of the Ancient Venetian Editors, Venice, Italy
2016 Solo Exhibition at Circolo Aternino, Pescara, Italy
2016 Solo Exhibition at Museum Toni Benetton, Mogliano Veneto, -TV- Italy